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Missing teeth are a more common oral health problem than you might imagine. If you have lost one or several teeth due to injury or decay, you know how hard it is to do simple, everyday things – like smile with confidence, or take a bite of your favorite meal. There are plenty of traditional options for treating missing teeth, but few compare to the superior stability and oral health benefits of dental implants. To help solve health and function issues related to missing teeth, Dr. Kim is proud to offer dental implants in Monterey, CA.

How Dental Implants Work

While traditional tooth replacement options use faux teeth that are held in place by crowns (fixed bridges) or retainer-like devices (dentures), the replacement tooth portion of a dental implant is held in place by a titanium post. 

This post is surgically installed at the site of a missing tooth, integrating with bone in your jaw so that it is able to stimulate bone health while acting as a sturdy foundation for your tooth replacement. After the implant post has been placed and has healed, our Monterey implant dentist tops it with a custom-made dental crown. The finished result is a durable and completely natural-looking tooth replacement that restores your smile and oral function.

Options for Teeth Replacement

A dental implant is versatile enough to address issues of single missing teeth, small groups of lost teeth, and even total loss of teeth in one of both jaw arches. No matter how you’ve been affected by tooth loss, Dr. Kim can both place your new dental implant or restore any existing dental implants – there’s no need to visit a specialist’s office for treatment; we are a one-stop-shop for dental implants in Monterey.

Your options for replacing teeth with dental implants include:

  • Single Implant – Single dental implants are independent teeth replacements that are perfect for restoring lost front teeth and are sturdy enough to replace back teeth as well. Because implants are natural-looking and permanent, you can be sure that aesthetic, bite alignment, and biting and chewing capacity will be preserved.

  • Implant-Supported Bridge – In the event that you are missing a group of teeth, a combination of a dental bridge and dental implants provide an ideal solution. Instead of being held in place with two dental crowns (as a traditional bridge would be), an implant-supported bridge is anchored in placed with two dental implants, which hold the pontic in-between. This tooth replacement method is ultra-sturdy and can last a lifetime, with proper care.

  • Implant-Supported Dentures – If you have removable dentures and are tired of your dental prosthetic irritating your gums or slipping out, and slurring your speech, dentures held in place by dental implants are a permanent fix. Dr. Kim will install 4-6 dental implants, which will act as mounts for your bottom or top set of dentures. When your implants have healed and fully integrated, your dentures will be permanently affixed to the implant posts. You can enjoy a full set of healthy-looking and strong teeth that support superior smile aesthetic and everyday function.

Even if your dental implant plan requires pre-treatment, such as tooth extraction or bone grafting, Dr. Kim can perform all necessary care at his office. His dental office is staffed with experienced and welcoming dental experts who make sure that every phase of your tooth restoration is handled with precision and care.

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Dr. Kim and his team work to provide you with the treatment that will best benefit you. All new patients are given a comprehensive oral exam and can discuss treatment options in detail with Dr. Kim. We work with you to maximize your insurance benefits and ensure that you achieve a healthy and confident smile as comfortably as possible.

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