Covid-19 Update

Dear Patients: 

            We have implemented changes in our practice to better protect our patients and staff from the Coronavirus. Several things will be different when you arrive for your appointment; we will explain them all in detail.


Prior to the visit, please expect:

-       A confirmation call along with a pre-clearance COVID-19 questionnaire to ensure the safety of both future patients as well as staff 24 hours in advance. 


When arriving at your appointment:

-       Please wear a face mask. If you do not have one, we will provide one for you

-       Please remain in your vehicle and call the front desk to confirm your arrival

-       Before entering the office, we will check your temperature and oxygen saturation via an infrared thermometer and pulse oximeter.  

o   IF your temperature is above 99.4 F or under 94% Blood oxygen saturation, we will have to reschedule the appointment


For your safety:

-       We have 2 types of high vacuum sections.

        o   Intra-oral suction that will reduce all aerosolized saliva, blood, and all particulate moisture that emanates from your mouth during procedures. This device will also suction/vacuum water from dental drills and ultrasonic scalers that the assistant can't suction with the intra-oral suction devices.

        o   Extra-oral High Vacuum Suction 3 filters, a carbon filter, a HEPA filter, and a UV-C filter. The device kills any potential viruses and bacteria that enter into it

-       Air filtration throughout the office, non-clinical, and clinical areas. The air filtration devices also have 3 filters, carbon, HEPA, and UV-C, which is effective in killing all bacteria and viruses

-       Ultraviolet lightbox that will kill all bacteria and viruses on our PPE. This UV lightbox will be used on all of our non-soiled PPE after every patient.

-        After every patient visit, every used PPE, such as gowns, face shields, and masks, will be changed so that we are protecting the patients and staff as much as possible. 

-       After every patient visit, each operatory is cleaned with EPA registered cleaning products as well as rooms treated with a UV-C light sweep.


Staff Protocol:

-       Check all staff members, including the dentist's temperature, and if any of our numbers stated earlier do not meet the acceptable criteria, the employee will be asked to go home to rest and return in 2 weeks

        o   If the dentist numbers do not meet the requirements, the office will be canceled and re-opened after a physician evaluation.

It is of paramount importance to us to keep all of our patients and staff safe during the pandemic. We will all get through this and be able to put it behind us hopefully soon. 

Thank you and stay healthy,

Dr. Kim and Team

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