Office Updates

Here at James J. Kim, DDS, our patient's safety is our number one priority. As more and more people decide to receive dental treatment, the staff here at Dr. James Kim's Office want to show you the precautions we are taking to ensure your safety.


The Waiting Room 

We have re-designed the front waiting room to comfortably fit four people while still maintaining the adequate 6 feet of social distancing. Furthermore, we have UV-C air filtration systems circulating new air within the space. Moreover, we have placed full-length splash guards by the front desk to ensure further protection. 


 The Dental Operatory

We have integrated two new high-powered air ventilation systems that reduce the airborne particle transfer from the patient. A new intraoral suction system will reduce aerosolized products such as saliva, blood, and other particulates that emanate from the patient's mouth during the procedure. This device will also suction/vacuum water from dental drills and ultrasonic scalers that the assistant can't suction with the intra-oral suction devices. Secondly, an extra-oral high vacuum system will remove any missed particulates from the intraoral suction. This extra-oral suction contains three filters, a carbon filter, a HEPA filter, and a UV-C filter. The device kills any potential viruses and bacteria that enter it. Furthermore, each room is now sealed off from one another, has its own UV-C air system, as well as a UV-C light for further sanitation.  

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